Starting and Maintaining a Parish Bookstore
Dr. Basile Panoutsopoulos and Ms. Lily Wong



Photograph: The Bookstore during a community festival in New London, CT, USA.
(We are behind the table and in front of the bookcase, 1st November 1995)


A parish bookstore is an organization that operates in an Orthodox parish under the supervision of the parish council. It is run by a group of people that want to offer their services to the parish community and perform an educational and evangelical ministry.

The bookstore will be a self supporting organization. An initial investment of $1000 to $2000 is necessary to start. Submit a request to your parish council to approve this amount in the budget or ask parishioners that will be interested to donate money. Seek out "Educational" funds available in your parish.

After the budget for the bookstore has been approved, prepare a list of items to order. Ask your parish priest and other members of the parish for advice. Make sure that everybody knows that this is a new parish function and not a private operation.


To enlighten and evangelize the parish community and beyond, offering an understanding of the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Places to Advertise:

Flyers Local Newspaper Church Bulletin Community Bulletin Parish web Page


Keep the bookstore open during social activities, especially after church services. Other times, let the secretary have a copy of the key.

During the yearly "Festivals" have the bookstore open and operating, preferably, in a visible area. Have a catalog available to distribute. Display your items at one or more tables. Include other educational material available.

Items to order:


Adults - Children









    Compact Disks





Computer Programs

        The Bible (Available in the original tongues, and in many translations)
        New Testament



        The Orthodox Bible Study


Accept orders for items you don't carry or are not currently available. Keep a notebook available to write down the orders, or a pre-printed form to complete. When you receive the item, inform the customer who ordered it, that it has arrived.

Companies to order from:


Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies

Choral Music

Christian Education

Come and See

Conciliar Press

Eastern Christian Publications

Eastern Christian Supply Company

Eighth Day Books



Holy Cross Bookstore


Iconographers (Directory of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad)

Image and Likeness ICONOGRAPHY

Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Light and Life

Monks of the New Skete Publications

"Martyrs" Publishing House, Russia


Musica Russica

Music Translations and Settings

Nativity of the Theotokos Publications

Nea Attiki Press, P. O. Box 34008, Bethesda, MD   20827, USA, Telephone (301) 469-4733

New Lindisfarne Press

New Valaam Trading Company

Orthodox Calendar Company

Orthodox Christian Cassettes

Regina Press

Russian JSC Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga

Saint Isaac of Syria

Saint John of Kronstdadt Press

Saint Nectarios Press

Saint Vladimirs Bookstore

Seraphim Rose Orthodox Bookstore

The Christian Activist

Theologic Systems


The St. John of Kronstadt Book Service

The Yale Russian Chorus

Vogiatzis Church Supplies

Welcome to Mt. Sinai Orthodox Church Products

To be Added:

Oakwood Publications

Monastery Icons


If available, you can use a small space in a room at your church. If not, then you will need a storage room to put the bookcase.

Building a Bookcase:

Here we provide the dimensions of a bookcase you may want to build. (We built four of these bookcases. Two of them bound together at Saint Sophia Orthodox Church in New London, CT USA, and another two at Saint Spyridon Orthodox Church in Newport, RI, USA.) As an alternative you can buy two bookcases. Twice as many pieces (indicated in parentheses) of the following items are needed to form a set of two bookcases.

2 (4) pieces 60" x 7" x ¾"

5 (10) pieces 22 ½" x 7" x ¾"

4 (8) wheels;

16 (32) screws for the wheels;

nails (what size?);

1 (2) back cover 60" x 24" x 1/8";

1 lock;

2 lock hangers; and

a screwdriver (preferably an electric one!).

Typical Order:

Books (Historical - Introductory - Advanced)

The Orthodox Church: History, Faith, Life. 

Daniel Byantoro, et al. ABCs of Orthodox Christianity. 

Franklin Billerbeck. Anglican Orthodox Pilgrimage. 

George Mastrantonis. Augsburg and Constantinople.

E. Stephanou. Belief and Practice in the Orthodox Church.

Th. Bobosh. Come and See! Encountering the Orthodox Church. 

Fr. Paul OCallaghan. Eastern Orthodox Response to the Evangelical 

T. Aghnides. Ecumenical Patriarhate of Constantinople in the Light 

N. Nissiotis. Interpreting Orthodoxy. 

Meeting the Orthodox. 

Kyril Zaits. Missionary Conversations with Protestant Sectarians.

Bishop Dmitri. Orthodox Christian Teaching. 

S. Harakas. Orthodox Church: 445 Question and Answers. 

Road to Orthodox Christianity.

12 Things I Wish I had Known Before My First Visit to the Orthodox 

G. Mastrantonis. What is the Eastern Orthodox Church? 

G. Mastrantonis. What Orthodox Christians Believe.

M. Azkoul. Why Christianity?

Fr. George Nicozisin. The Orthodox Church. A well kept Secret. 

Fr. Paul OCallaghan. Eastern Orthodox Response to the Evangelical Claims.

Thomas Doulis (Ed.) Journeys to Orthodoxy

Women in Church Tradition:

Cloud of Witnesses: Womens Struggle for Sanctity 

Mathushka Elen Gvosdev. Female Diaconate: An Historical Perspective. 

Deborah Belonick. Feminism in Christianity: An Orthodox Christian 

Elizabeth Elliot. Let me Be a Woman.

Women and Men in the Church. 

F. Upson. Women of God. 

Eva Catafygiotou. Topping. Saints and Sisterhood. The lives of Forty Eight Holy Women.

World Religions, Denominations and Cults.

R. Rhodes. Counterfeit Christ of the New Age Movement.

G. Pappademitriou. Cults in America. 

David A. Reed. Jehovahs Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse. 

E. C. Gruss. Jehovahs Witnesses on Trial: The Testimony of the Early

William J. Schnell. 30 Years Watchtower Slave. 

L. C. Scott. Why we left Mormonism. Eight People Tell Their Stories.

R. A. Morey. How to Answer a Jehovahs Witness.

B. Frederickson. How to Respond to Satanism.

H.F. Beck. How to Respond to the Cults.

H. Kern. How to Respond to Jehovahs Witnesses. 

How to Respond to the Latter Day Saints. 

P. Lochhas. How to Respond to the New Age Movement.

Books for Children: 

Jane Sarlas Fontana. Adventures of Spero, The Orthodox Church Mouse!

Mary P. Hallick. Book of Saints

C. Hodges. 32 Learning Activities for Kids 7-9 

Carol Greene. 28 Bible Activities for Kids 10-12 

M. Self. 202 Things to Do: Activities and Finger Fun for Children.

G. and C. Stowel. Ark and the Animals. 

Fr. John Matusiak. Byzantine Coloring Books. (set of 4)

Debbie ONeal. Handbook for Church Nurseries.

Fr. Moses Armstrong. Orthodox Christian Alphabet Colouring Book

Maria Khoury. Christina Goes to Church. A Preschoolers Introduction to Spiritual Growth .

John Chryssavgis and Sophie Chryssavgis. My World my Church


Orthodox Bible Study

Tapes CDs Videos:

Hymns of American Orthodoxy. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press.
On the Upbringing of Children. St. Paisius Abbey.
The Protecting Veil. Virgin Classics Limited.
Selections from the Divine Liturgy. Seraphim Six Productions.
Symphonic Orthodox Liturgy. Metagramma Records.
Gladsome Light. Imagina Productions Inc.
Come Receive the Light. Eikona.
The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Opus Production.
Kiev Christmas Liturgy. Erato.

Computer Programs:

Bible (Available in the original tongues, and in many translations)

The Story of Creation

Noe's Ark

Orthodox Christian Calendars

Icon Cards

Image and Likeness Iconography
1169 Old Farm Road 
Watkinsville, GA  30677 
Telephone:  706 310-1306 
Toll Free Fax:   877 793-5296 

Incense Holders 



Christian Orthodox Key Holders

Prosforo Seal

Icons of Saints: 

Patriarch Abraham 

Prophet David 

Prophet Elias 

Prophet Daniel 
Prophet Daniel 
Prophet David 
Prophet Isaiah 
Prophet Isaiah 
Saint Adam 
Saint Alexis 
Saint Andrew 
Saint Anna 
Saint Anthony 
Saint Athanasios 
Saint Barbara 
Saint Basile 
Saint Benjamin 
Saint Catherine 
Saint Christine 
Saint Christopher 
Saint Cyril of Alexandria 
Saint Demetrios 
Saint Dominic 
Saint Elizabeth 
Saint Gabriel 
Saint Gabriel 
Saint George 
Saint Gregory of Nyssa 
Saint Gregory Palamas 
Saint Gregory the Great 
Saint Helen 
Saint Ignatios 
Saint James 
Saint John Chrysostom 
Saint John the Apostle 
Saint John the Baptist 
Saint Joseph 
Saint Luke 
Saint Macarios 
Saint Mark 
Saint Mary Magdalen 
Saint Matthew 
Saint Menas 
Saint Michael 
Saint Nectarios 
Saint Nicholas 
Saint Olga 
Saint Panteleimon 
Saint Paul 
Saint Peter 
Saint Philip 
Saint Raphael 
Saint Sava 
Saint Sava 
Saint Seraphim 
Saint Sergios 
Saint Simeon 
Saint Spyridon 
Saint Steven 
Saint Teresa 
Saint Theodore 
Saint Thomas 
Saint Timothy 
Saint Vladimir 
Saint Xenia 
Saints Cyril and Methodios 
Saints Ioakim and Anna

Icons of Events:

Baptism of Christ 
Christ Enthroned 
Christ the Merciful 
Christthe Teacher Crucifixion 
Dominion of the Theotocos 
Entry into Jerusalem 
Exaltation of the Holy Cross 
Meeting of the Lord 
Mystical Supper 
Nativity of Christ 
Nativity of the Virgin 
Perpetual Help 
Presentation of the  Theotokos 
Raising of Lasarus 
Virgin Enthroned

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